Mireya Bustamente, owner of Sol Travel, is excited to have visibility from the street and attract more customers to her store on Lake Street in Minneapolis.
Pictured are Edina Morningside Rotary Club members Mike Seeger, Jim Bizal and Bob Schriver installing the banner signs. The banners were designed and made for Mireya by Presswrite Printing where business owner and EMRC member Alan Goltzman procured donated materials for the project.
This project is part of the Lake Street Council/District 5950 Partnership Project, started in 2021, to help businesses return to providing products and services to their communities, and to help their employees return to work.
Project coordinator for Edina Morningside Rotary Club is John Sorteberg. Sorteberg, owner of Commercial Furniture Services in St. Louis Park, is working with Mireya on technology, furniture, facility and marketing needs for Sol Travel.
Want to contribute to this project? Contact John Sorteberg for information.